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by Cane

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released May 20, 2012

Executive Producer Lou Burna
All songs written and performed by Cane
All songs mixed and mastered by Lou Burna
Bishop Jermaine and JLovett6 vocals on "Mommy's Kitchen"
Ryan Green Guitar solo on "Hooked"
Album Art by Mister Fili and Dre Eastwood
Marketing by Mister Fili, Dre Eastwood, and Tony Logan
To everyone who contributed to this project and to those who continue to support. Thank you!



all rights reserved


Cane Fredericksburg, Virginia

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Track Name: Mommy's Kitchen
*Bishop Jermaine*

(Verse 1)
taste my destruction/
spit in the face of corruption/
create spontaneous combustion/
this is not a substance thats made for consumption/
and why you in my radius if you aint make my circumference/
production abduction/
view is at the top, x-ray thru obstruction/
they claim they want it, but when they budget aint budgin/
will they show they true colors for the paper, construction/
Shitting on these bitches, 2 girls one cup,
butt glued to the game, suction/
cup reduction, cuz you don't want none of D's/
got em shakin like introduction/
Sip a white Russian, call it caucasion/
cajun cock, they hot on my dick, get the correlation/
went to formation, 7 in the morning/
fuck a 9 to 5 I be better off performing/

but ppl say that I should use my degrees/
but I do's how I please/
If I lose that's me/
I see thru to it with ease/
when everything I do is hot, I do use my degrees/
And I'm on the winning team, while you bandwagon/
in the dungeon breathin fire like a damn dragon/
antagonist, toe taggin every man rappin/
til I'm belt baggin venues, fan packing/
ram sackin, the industry/ independently/
keeping my indentity,
straying from the mental penetentary/
negative energy is my enemy/
but the melody is my remedy
I could take everything in life so heavily/
But I figure if I wing it I'll be closer to the celery/
I think I'm on to somethin, well I better be/
If I'm not there's no tellin b/


(Verse 2)
Plottin on a come up/
from sun down to sun up/
and you gon need a extra life if I'm the one you tryin to one up/
if you aint bout the cut up then shut up/
nut up in the game
to make a bunch of fuck ups/
wit buzz cuts, running round like they run stuff/
dumping chumps in the trash like blunt guts
killin em but spittin positive raps/
never take credit giving all props to they dad/
pops in the lab, the plague's what I'm makin/
goin hambone, I'm bringing home the bacon/
been waitin for the date of detonation/
now it's time to watch my creation/
I take it some qb slots still vacant
at my trade I'm a pain in the neck like Peyton/
bass and a snare, kick, somethin to bare wit/
hotter than a comb satan, straighten his hair wit/

Man I'm goin coo-coo/
I got another screw loose/
When Lou put the needle to the record that's voodoo/
who knew that I would be where I'm at/
my mind wasnt all rap a couple years back/
I used to use my instincts, I use my voice now/
went from base blockin d ends, and running choice routes/
now Im running a business out of my boy's house
and we starting to make noise now/
that's what it boils down to,
when the product that you pitchin/
aint gettin the right attention/
how you make the right division/
how you get the acquisition of the blind's vision/
how you bring a outsider into mom's kitchen/
here's the premonition/ my mission, is demolition/
to make it clear they gon feel it/
to the inferior serial kill em, kill it/
destruct, destroy, and rebuild it/

*Bishop Jermaine*
Track Name: Be Free
It feels good don't it, when you living for the moment/
This is your world you can own it/
Life's a bitch, unless you bone it, I'm just trying to get my hands on it/
Keeping it 100 when I'm reaching for my summit/
empty out my mind like balemic bitches stomach when I'm freeing it/
reason being, I don't need nobody stressing me/
I give a fuck about the people thinking less of me/
my destiny is success, best believe that I'm blessed/
the tree be relieving the stress/
hell to the yes, take flight and I'm on/
L to the chess like a knight, you a pawn/
might write a song if I feel in the mode,
I got that crack like I'm stealing the code/
chill as the snow when the winter is cold/
so cool I could sit in the stove and get pneumonia/
just the aroma of the juana, could sit you in a corner,
in a comma like you living in a sauna/
I'm chilly as Minnessotta wit Philly, city of motors,
All molded together like a Voltron on ya/
I kick it colder, doin circles around you,
like I'm sippin a soda missing a coaster/
chicks say I wish I could clone ya/
Throwing they hats off but they aint getting diplomas/

cruisin the street,
doing what I please,
move to the beat, play it cool in me seat...so
Do you, Be free, Do you, be free,
And you can see I'ma be me,
feelin breezy, livin livin easy,
Do you, be free, do you be free

I'm sicker wit the raps,I'ma leader on the mic/
I should have a helmet with a green sticker on the back/
Like a Vick or a McNabb, or a Phillip Rivers(yeah)/
In the Breeze like Drew, sippin Henny, no Chad/
she so bad, but nah she know that/
In my soul I'm a old cat, so I told her throw it back/
I'm so in tact, untouched and you knowing that/
I'm holding court like a cold-a-sack/
center of attention, enter my dimension/
better wit a sentence? never in contention/
better get a pension if you applying for my spot/
I be on my job, they be like my god/
zoned out to my ipod/
reaching for the sky like somebody threw a high lob/
just kickin it in my high tops/
chillin with my feet up, Ty Cobb/
Roy Hobbs though, this is so natural/
now bring it back like a lateral/
holy mackerel, is this actual?
Cuz I make it up as I go/
Living life like a movie, but mine is a B flick/
Its still looking sweet as a bitch/
I roll with a beast click, I'm fresher than speed sticks/
and we got a movement on the east and I'm fly as a G6/


And we don't want to stop right now/
cuz we just living our lives/
so we just gon take this high/
and everything feels alright/

now take a load off/
I'll be here for a while, take my coat off/
and we can take it high, no loft/
take a few shots, then it's straight to the green like pro golf/
don't hold off, you only live once,
so you might as well go off, until you doze off/
I been wrote off, I been blown smoke that I still choke off/
But I still dont cough, and I still won't pause/ (pause)
I just do it all for the cause (cause)
bars like Oz, how I'm deflying the laws/
got Mars and the stars in the palm of my paws/
It's hard feeling flaws when you cause the applause/
I'm just feeling awesome in awe/
From all of this shit/
That's why I look at the plus side,
I stay charged up from this positive shit/


Track Name: Big
Ready for war Lou, watch how I'ma take it back
I know you got that crack, that'll give a head a panic attack/
hotter than summers, I'm gonna get sweaty,
I drop my balls on the beat, when I speak it should come wit confetti
Everybody know I'm fuckin raw, get the crates, dust em off/
makin moves me and Lou, gon fuck em all/
Dead in my riddle is little piddily,
second fiddle ho's, that are brittle as skittles, didn't have no ability/
They flow was was so tired/
I had to blow they spot like Rasheed Wallace wit a blow dryer
mo fire/
dope writer, wit a lotta wit/
haters on my dick, cuz they chick wanna get on top of it/
politicin b's in, wit my team destined,
to be, best in the east, better take a brief lesson,
so prepare to pipe down,
no worries, Conrad Murray couldnt make me put the mic down/

Make money, money,
reach for the top,
I'ma do it big, peace to the god/
one life to live, grind til I drop,
cuz i ont even know how to stop,
I gotta go BIG, BIG, BIG, BIG
think big, do big, get it yaself/
small time suckers go and limit yaself/
I'm goin big/

Am I way too suburban to be rappin that urban?
terrorize the beat, wrapped in a turban/
cats just observin, I'm servin these verses/
finding Cane promo up in they chick's purses/
you couldnt cross me, not even in churches/
nobody could test me, not even the nurses/
my purpose on earth is dispursing the words with/
a perfect wit, murderous, persistent wordsmith/
Undeniable, a rap phenom/
driver side flow, get ya back seat on/
I just take my time, say my rhyme/
I ont know who's seeing me if they not blind/
pay no mind, I paid mine, I'll make due/
If Cane wasnt the name I would hate him too/
I'll be at the top gettin jiggy/
I'm bout to make it big like Biggie, dig me/


I just wanna be big, Tom Hanks/
Notorious for spittin bomb, dank/
I'm painting pictures while you drawing blanks/
Even your yes men like "no thanks"/
I can't call it, hang it up like phone pranks/
My name ringing while ya dial tone/
ya might have blown if I was a clone writing ya song/
I narrow the circle I rely upon/
Other than my guys, this is eye patch flow homie, I alone/
style on every file I am on/
and that's why you trying to cop like a ride along/
and I'm trying to compile all the cheese I can pile on/
and I'm trying to get the bread til my diet blown/
so I run it like cardio with the audio/
I take the heart of ho's at my shows when I slaughter flows/
you bought a rose, and a card to go with it/
I could give her 16 bars and I'd hit it/
I'ma guinness sipping genius/
spit it with the keenest/
nice guy demeanor, flow be the meanest/
rose like a phoenix, fly from the ashes/
magic with a craft I supply to the masses/
site jam packed til my network crash/
If your site got hits it was accident traffic/
I'm packaging rappin gymnastics/
flippin on tracks, yeah I'm fast to get spastic/
And you act as if ya chick aint ratchet/
I bet she let me beat like a pacifist practice/
and I'm on the right track/
If I don't got the state on my back you can take it off the map/

Track Name: Faceoff
I'm just a man wit a plan to make it to the top,
taking what I got and making the most,
while making it hot, not tryin to be anything that I'm not
got a lot of expectations I'm tryin to meet em,
got morals, I got goals but I aint tryin to compromise to reach em,
meet the genius that's behind the beats/
sometimes I'm speechless/
I'm too choosy on my words, I'm concerned on who it reaches/
see I care about the future, I gotta give em truth/
and the only way to change is change the way we raise the youth/
i feel I got a responsibility with the music/
now that I got a few ears hearin me,how will I use it/
Got a little bit of power, don't when I could lose it/
But I know when I do, I'll feel stupid if I abuse it/
So I try to write verses, a little bit on the consience tip/
I know I'm not perfect, but I try to make em learn even when I'm just talkin shit/
I just wanna make a slight difference/
so I'm tryna get the right attention/
got the right intentions but dont always make the right decisions/
I'm just a dreamer, that believes in everything I stand for/
If I believe in me then what I need your stamp for?
for damn sure I am more, than a corner somebody paint me in/
The style you say I have, the lane you say I'm in,
comparing other faces of my race, like that's race I'm in/
I don't play for them I play to win/
So I dont put myself above or under none/
All I can do is give you me and hope you see where I'm coming from/

(211 Mode)
Kill that shit
dont Nobody wanna hear that shit/
make em say oh wit ill flow thats the only reason anybody feel that shit/
You wasting your time crafting up some thoughtful rhyme/
Noboody's listenin are you trippin, have you lost your mind?
What you trying to save the world? Its too late/
and thinking bout the future doesnt put no food on your plate
you tryin to eat right?
you aint gon see the light of day
trying to be right
you aint the type that kids are tryin to be like/
you aint no role model/
swallow this whole bottle
til it makes ya soul cold enough to go hollow/
follow me, thats what I do man see I dont give a fuck/
could be the steels that I buck, or the nerve ppl struck/
But I say fuck em all, til they hear me out
fuck a fear, fuck a doubt,
all the years I been out/
And they aint even gonna act like I'm hear,
I gotta fuck em in the ear, can you hear me now/
fuck all that conscious shit
knock these common pricks out of consciousness/
and leave the politics to a columnist/
I gotta take it upon my own way til I'm done/
til I'm way up in a place where the aliens are from
where the rays from the sun set ablaze if you come
yeah i take what i want/
and I say what I want, cuz I take a whole case to the face and Im drunk/
making a statement, cant wait or succumb
to the fake, you want respect gotta take it and run
so the wait is over, I'm killin rappers til I make my quota/
spittin venom, think I ate a cobra/
If ya sayin no then change your tone up like the pasty face of sosa
raise a toast up/
211 mode is taking over/
Track Name: Steel Reserve
"It is now time to enter into a new dimension, we must go hard"

Nah that's a motherfuckin understatement/
Under the sun been number 1 but a motherfucker still underrated/
What's everyone sedated? I get so frustrated/
I guess I gotta come up spit enough up til my lungs get suffocated/
Blah blah blah/
Fuck who hated/ fuck the game up, custom paint it, taint it, get em much acquainted/
cane is the name Betta get wit it get em up to date, for they come up late/
cut to the chase, In a rush to the cake/
when I'm comin u gonna wanna run to another place/
And my drummer need a oven cuz tha motherfucker bake/
Every mp3, MVP cuz he beat the MPC til the mufucka break
.... Ok now I'm ready to complete this/
Gotta hit em with the venom when I eat this/
end em when I lend em a medivac and I mean this/
He is like a genius, Been this since a fetus/
All day I be dreaming like adidas/
Fiendin like a fiend to be the meanest I need this/
Uh yeah
And I'm never gonna stop/
Never gonna let up instead imbed at the top/
Better yet a getter of feta, chedda, da mozzarella,
Lots of lettuce and I'll be ready to pop/

I gave em what they wanted/ they said they didn't want it/
I tried to take em high they said they wasn't blunted/
That had me feelin low/ they said I gotta grow/
They told me where to go if I really wanna blow/
I gotta go hard, 24 7/
How hard? I'm talkin 211/
So now that's my fuel I feed it to the verse/ believe it if u heard/
Cuz I be goin hard baby steel reserve/

Been fire for so long I'm rappin from a urn/
Watching these fireproof rappers gettin burn/
I'm pepsi pyro, you Michael Jackson wit a perm/
If that ain't church a passed pastor casket gonna turn/
This Track is like a pack of pachyderms, runnin thru my attic/
Attached to a bag of germs/
I mean I'm sick tho, High like a tip toe/
Coming for your neck like the big show/ wow
Yeah I eat rappers and spit words/
Go to sleep and wake up wit a sick verse/
Treat these emcees like interns/
Keep em under me and go get em to do my bitch work/
My click work harder than a blue collar shoe shiner after a few dollars/
My crew Hotter/
anybody wanna show out/
Then I take em the jersey shore route/
Burned up and blowed out/


Fuck everybody sleeping and all the non believing/
And everybody to weak to tell you what they feeling/
And motherfuck the blogsites typin/
98 percent of y'all bitin/
Y'all dont even know what y'all likin/
Y'all just recycling sites with no citing/
It's not exciting-/ not a lot of hype has been following where my hype man/
Where my shine at no night stand or light lamp/
When my flight land you can try and board it/
But now you late and you just lookin corny as a tourist/
I'm forming to the tortoise/
So let these fad rappin rabbits hop in they ford Taurus/
I'm all for it/
They gon ride out quick and die out quick/
But all that bull shit is something I outlive /
so fuck how u feel and fuck what u heard
Cuz I'll be goin hard muthafucka that's a steel reserve
Track Name: Zombaby
This is judgement day/
nothin's safe/
everybody runnin bout nowhere to runaway/
just watch the world get flushed away/
Destruction pays
like russian roulette
wit a russian ak/
not a single bullet missing but the gun up in ya face/
cant adjust ya fuckin fate/
plus the state
of the nation's,
up in blazes
reconstruction phases/
Destruction in
uppercase wit exclamation punctuation/
punch the face of the country
wit fuckin hate/
unemployment rates,
a busted budget,
so we stuck in place/
another race amongst a race of racists/
and leave it up to one motherfucker,
like he can come and change us/
we the ppl, only ones that gonna save us
underrate this, and you just another sucker stuck up in the matrix/

created by the government experimental weapon/
locked him in a kennel, and they fed him 211/
invented to prevent a enemy from ever winning/
defending the county but they put poison in em/
now its in em,
to delevope a mind state/
of a killa/
primate a gorilla
crime rate builder/
irate, and still a bit of a patriot a spygate-zilla
back to the wall, wit a passion he fought/
but he's irritable wit irrational thoughts/
any assassin he could tackle em all,
and never look back to the past he was taught
now insides steel/ (steel)
but he fight like reserves/ (reserves)
kill, fight, or steal/ (steal)
for what he deserve/
they created a monster/
invasion to conquer/
controllin me I'm feelin like a player from contra/
erasing my concience, to make me stronger,
equipped wit anger and braced with armor/
embrace the substance/ I'm made up of it/
destroy a nation, and raise above it/
but before i self destruct i must create destruction/
Track Name: I Do Work Pt. II (Blue Collar)
Now lemme enter the office/
Day full of work, wit a team full of bosses/
Be on the job, til I be in a coffin/
Reach for the top,
Cuz I'm dreaming it often/
And The reason I keep pushin on, wit the heat, they callin it passion/
strive for the piece of the pie, eager to fly, keep tryin to do
More Than all could imagine/
Balls in the basket
My court/
Mothafucka why do you bother to try for?/
You dont wanna see me like a eye sore/
Couldnt terminate me wit a cyborg/
My lord/
Killin shit take a look in my morgue/
Ima live corps, wit a appetite for, 5 course flesh and a bi whore/
More fly, soar thru the sky, thats why
I been on my high horse,
Like the logo, of a seven footer polo on a pogo stick/
Flow go sick/
Photo flick/ fresh
Get a hold of ya chick cuz the ho so impressed/
Got ya lady all ga-ga/
And I aint even try I, had to tell her bye bye/
Sky high
While I climb to the top as I rise you can watch while I pop my/

Blue collar, blue collar,
That's what I holler in this game I'm a mothafuckin,
Blue collar, blue collar,
That's what I holler in this game, I'm a motherfuckin...

Animalistic, canabal lipstick/
Wit a Hannibal habit I aint planning to fix it/
I got the ammunition of a militia/
If I got one shot I aint plannin to miss it/
I'm like a phantom wit a cannon when i rip this/
How unanimous is this?/
Man of the hour, man of the minute/
The man for a minute, god dammit I meant it/ I vented/
Plenty wit a pen/
Venom and adrenalin/ when I get in the element/ ima sinner wit a mic/ but then again I'm a friend of my every enemy wit etiquette, so better yet I meant to say I'm nice/ (right)
Better get it right, when I get inventive I tend to get in a hell of a menacing, state of mind/
tell em bring a medic in with medicine/ and better get a veteran for the betterment of ya life/

With a syllable im a criminal killin you with in a literal image as cynical as sin is cool/
Get a clue, get a hint, that i been at my pinnacle, im a general/
Critical in the booth, it gets Pitiful/
Intervals of truth, im too pivotal
Son dudes in twos, so I'm identical twinning you, minimal mithafuckas Ima

Track Name: Grassroots Tangent
(verse 1)
I been searching for a sign God/
too much time done turned me into a time bomb/
Can't let it slip when I see it inside of my palms/
In a vision but locked in a prison of my thoughts/
Sometimes I think I should let it be like a bigon/
I'm on the line like a pylon, about a lot of shit that I'm having my mind on/
putting my ass on the line like a sign on/
uncertainty and adversity seem to pile on/
But these are times we supposed to be defined on/
But the world keeps spinning/
Less four leaf the more we sinning/
Is that the factor my story's depending/
Is the ending or my story's beginning?
I want the glory if the lord be willing/
shit, he probably horrified/
I got sins that the rap world glorify/
so the more I find I'll probably be more aligned,
to blow like a mortar mine,
I'm caught in the borderline/
I aint trying to mortify the lord of mine/
Nah, life's short, I just want a little more to mine/
I want the money and the shit I can't afford to buy/
I want to blaze and get paid to record a rhyme/
and grow the base I'm supported by/
I want shows on the regular, mordecai/
mortal kombat, organized crime,
see I rhyme with this sort of kind/
Too sick, too sharp, quarantine porcupine/
I do it for the mind, and for the pure design/
Another blind leader for the blind/
I just hope we aint short of time/

(verse 2)
And the whole planet panicking/
Blaming all the damage on a sole man's handling/
Mostly cuz he a soul man managing/
Hope seems to be in no man's land again/
Thought we was growing but the shit hit the fan and then,
Jobs vanishing, the globe famished and,
Businesses is going on close like a manikin/
And it's scary when the terror that we buried in,
is ignorance and arrogance,
that make it feel embarrassing admitting you American/
Fuck who you voted for, that don't matter no more/
We got a lot more shit to be passionate for/
While we battle at war,
trying to get out of this George...
Bush shit, puss bitches is mad at the source,
What you mad at him for?
Politicians and critics I'm too sick of em,
I'm through listening, red blue vision um,
give a fuck if it's a donkey with a trunk,
not too into em, Instead of tending to our problems,
we too busy bitchin bout who fixing em/
Too sickening, fresh as new kicks, and,
mixed wit Lou's mixing, getting to fruition,
my crew blitzing/
bringing heat now bring a few chicks in,
scandalous, these vixens is Nixons,
want me to pick six em/
turn em over, but the older I grow and more that I know,
my motive is cold shoulder/
cold as a cold shoulder,
flow is a boat load of dope,
coca nostra, ho no so don't ya,
do me like a Lucy, I'll toe blow the holder/
Will we ever come together tho?
Or forever be stepping to a seperate metronome,
I guess we'll never know until we use these stepping stones/
while outside intelligence laughs as they watch us through their telescopes/
Track Name: Happy Place
Ocean front, put in motion blunt/
Posted up wit some beautiful faces, wit swolen butts/
And Im frozen up/ in the moment Im stuck/
in the life that everybody roots for, that's why I soak it up/
Where we all see eye to eye, wit a lot of la/
No 9 to 5/
And no laws to be abided by/
top shelf liquor bottles, thicker models/
wit moscato, wide open/
folk nobody broke, joke like we just hit the lotto/
skip the bravado, nobody here is deceitful/
everybody here is peaceful/
this is my happy place

Open mind, close your eyes/
We can go inside, do you wanna ride? we can fly/
Where everything is perfect/
And everything you do is always worth it/
every single time/
In your mind, in your mind (oh oh oh)
And we can go to mine/
But it's up to you to find your happy place/

Where the weather is warm and the drinks are cold/
Cash grippin, fast women, but the livin is slow/
Whippin exotic, and chiefin the same/
Vegan greenery, be the scenery easin my brain/
Not a problem, no complaints/
Open the gates to my chosen place/
Roller skatin thru Solar space/
While I Slow the pace/
Play the sound, of beautiful tunes/
the music comsumed/
Got me high enough to put my shoes on the moon/
Cruisin thru my utopia/
Open ya mind,
And open up the doors to ya ocean front/
So Im hopin ya


I'm livin a scene from my dreams,
Lookin good and feelin fly/
Hit a clip of the LA, now I'm lob city high/
get it La/
Wit a pretty little young thing on my side/
Got tribe bumping in the ride/
Feelin the vibe/
That every thing gon be alright/
And its all love, I feel like I'm in a movie/
Where Slow motion photos shoot us/
And everything is so cool but/
I'm just feelin cooler/
Like Bobby Bochat before something was wrong with his madoola/
Mind polluted by buddha/
I'm the newest manure, maneuvering thru the sewer/
In pursuit of guddha and chicks that always blow like magruber/
... No intruders wit negativity/
No tyrants, no nonsense, no bigotry/
No racial injustice is facing the public/
No place for this subject we raising above it/
There's always Peace in this town/
All of my ppl around/
Nothing is keeping us down/
Cuz I walk the streets wit a crown/
And this where I cope, and where I carry hope/
And when the world gets too heavy, this is where I go/
Drift off in the silence/
And its a riot, how this loud got everybody so quiet/
You should try it/ I just...

Track Name: Money Can't Buy

They say the things we want, sometimes money can't buy/
But I say that's a lie, tell me one thing money can't buy/
money can't buy, buy/
Aint nothing funny when your money aint right/

Cant get off the ground but I wanna take flight/
Loose change but the budget stay tight/
Heavy on my mind cuz the money weigh light/
got no left But something aint right/

(verse 1)
Its prolly the fact That/
I aint got back yet/
What I put into what i thought was an asset/
And ppl only get the half of it/
Cuz if you talkin bout cash you just on some rapper shit/
I mean imagine this,
Cool wit not havin shit. Livin average/
and the motherfuckers that say money dont buy happiness/
they aint never had the shit/
so I cant even believe that logic/
Even wit some decent pockets/
Cant even believe that lie/
Cuz Its easy to say that you dont need it when u got it/
Even if you got it the demons are watching/
So when you broke then you peaceful without them/
If thats true then i need me some drama/
Im eager to reach those problems/
That money bring, funny thing huh
How life go/
When ya bank accounts on lipo/
And ya need a better check like a typo/
And you feelin like you might go psycho/
Yeah i feel like sayin fuck rap/
I put in work but i aint got a buck back/
Fuck that,
Maaan i would live my life illegal if I had the nut sack/
But i dont so I settle for this shitty job/
That feeds the fire to keep my dreams alive/
But when the dream retires will we survive, will we survive



(verse 2)
It may be the Fact i need a brand new whip/
But my credit fucked up and I cant do shit/
Js scuffed up and I need new kicks/
Wit a couple new suits and a few cute chicks/

Damn..... but homegirl sinnin for cash/
Making a living off stripping and she giving the ass/
But once her money get right she considers the fact/
It aint right and she wanna put that life into her past/
Sooo... She looking for god in the churches/
Hopin that some truth can surface/
Cuz She really feelin worthless/
she's the first one up in the Sunday service/
As the preacher man preaches/
He speaks of the demons that reach into leach us/
As he teaches/
He speaks on the root of this evil and greed can defeat us/
The sins we commit/
We tryin to find the key to the wealth/
But you cant buy your way into heaven, and you cant buy peace with yourself/
But you can sin your way into hell, and cant buy a shovel to dig out/
Now take this collection plate, and give me all you got or you can get out/
Track Name: Tramp
Never said I'm the flyest/
Or the all mighty highest/
But bitches stay eying, cuz thru they lens they bias/
But dudes be hatin like look at his gear where did he buy this/
I see no designer brands, and no clothes the kind of/
No baller rapper, wit no diamonds that ya know could blind us/
But ya hoe will find us/
Take a picture then get on twitter and post it like a fuckin sticky note remider/
So you can go and try but/
Dont go and spend all of ya dough, and still get no vagina/
Kinda shallow but still get deeper than a ocean diver/
If she's a trapper dont keep her, no binder wit dividers/
Touch her wit the Midas/
If she sleepin like itis/
pick me let my Peter piper/
I say you know you want it, but she say I'm bluffin/
She tryin to fight the temptations- david ruffin/
She said she'll only be a groupie to a mogul, not to a motherfuckin local,
But she came to my show and got open and now the ho mc lovin like fogul/

It was never the plan/
But I am what I am/
Im just a simple man, doin what I can/
You can Say what you want
But careful how ya do/
If thats what Ima be/
Then what that make you/

(verse 2)
My lady claim I'm shady/
She aint trustin me lately/
Im always catchin shit like I'm playin for Brady/
Rightfully so k maybe/
Aint sayin I'm breaking her heart, just making it achy/
Maybe I'm actin flaky/
Or maybe she's over the top like she playin safety/
Or maybe i cant tend to one thing like I'm ADHD/
Finding a text like "who is this saying baby?"
These tricks got me moving backwards, skatin fakie/
But I play it safely/
Only my barber fade me/
She wanna argue, but I talk it thru it always save me/
See i aint too bad/
But I do have/ the tendency to be a huge ass douche bag/
If Ima ( tramp)
Why you damp/
Why you here?
Like you camped for the concords and you aint get a pair/
Its apparent if the shoe fits you wear it/
And I never said I'm perfect I'm really nowhere near it/
I aint plan to be the man that I am but you still a fan of/
And she love me for me, even if I am a/

Track Name: Hooked
Now everybody needs love, needs lust dont ask me why/
It's the rush that we captured by/
to most folks its something that we have to find/
like Joe, we'll call him Joe cuz he's an average guy/
just lookin for a good time, a great suitor/
no hard to get, no chase he was lookin for a straight shooter/
in the bar scene lookin in the right place/
found a bottle shaped body wit a tight waist/
his stomach turning like carousel,
could very well love her/
mahogany caramel color/
sleek, smooth/
so fluid wit each move/
so strong but still the sweetest that he knew/
he couldnt let her go to waste/
even tho he knew she was letting all the fellows in the bar get a taste/
She was still the illest pick in the spot,
So he figured he would give it a shot, and leave at that,
But that first taste was so good, it kept bringing his ass back,
now he knew he had to have that/
Her name was Brandy, to him she was Very Special,
Her love ran thru his blood vessels/
now he

wrapped around the finger/
hook line and sinker, on the path they took/
no such thing as halfway hooked/
when you hooked, when you hooked, when you hooked/
when It feels too good to be a bad look/
Fall hard, fall fast never shook/
thats all it took/
and now you hooked

Brandy was the first thing he ever loved/
top shelf, she was sent from up above/
it was the way he felt/
she made him wanna melt/
when he was wit her he aint care about nothing else/
at times half his paycheck he would drop on her/
and sometimes he would even put some rocks on her/
But he knew this couldnt last forever/
But he doubted he could ever find somebody that was better/
he just wanted that same rush/
like when he got a taste of Brandy and she made his whole face turn flush/
he heard ppl talk about this spot that was bumpin/
they had this white girl that everybody was lovin/
so he went that night, to find the broad they described/
and there she was in the middle of a long ass line/
He approached her, Candy was her name
she took him to the bathroom and went straight to the brain/
and now he


Candy gave him a feeling he didnt know was possible
she gave him confidence and made him feel unstoppable
and Brandy couldnt compare/
but she was down since day one, so nah she wasnt goin anywhere/
he would hit Brandy, and then go get him some Candy/
for sure, He was only getting antsy for more/
at this point it was all for the rush/
he had to feel something new that even Candy couldnt touch/
It was never enough, he'd be living a dream/
If he could find something better he could put on his team/
and he heard about this girl that had everybody trippin/
her method it was different, so he knew he had to hit it
like she wasnt birthed on this earth from a mom and dad/
she must have been created in a lab/
Cuz he hit it one time and she lasted all night/
Crystal took him to a new height/
and now he's like


Now he's deep in it all these women on his plate/
trying to juggle it all, but he couldnt stay straight/
he was wrapped up, the lifestyle had him blind/
telling lies, conning ppl, just to hit a couple times/
he would never fess up to em/
He never thought this type of life would catch up to him/
but he was wrong all along
He was caught up in the middle
Brandy heard about Candy, and Candy heard about Crystal/
they found out he was playin em like hobby/
so they got together and started attackin his body/
Brandy stabbed his liver, candy popped him in the nose/
Crystal knocked his teeth out, the scars on his face shows/
that they all fucked him up, and left him for dead/
Before he took his last breath Crystal walked up and said/
cuz you were fuckin wit all them just to get to me/
I gave birth to your kid, named HIV/
and I'm positive its yours....

*guitar solo by Ryan Green*
Track Name: Fail
(verse 1)
I wanna change the world wit my lyrics/
But am I stuck talking shit cuz the people wanna hear it?/
I just want success but honestly I fear it/
Its getting more scary the closer I get near it/
But maybe its the thought of not achieving it/
I told myself Id stop if I ever stop believing it/
But Im just tryin to reason it/
Ive put too much of my life into this game to be leavin it/
I just wanna make a difference/
My music I wanna make it different/
Cuz I dont wanna make it ignant/
But a lot of ppl sayin thats the way to make it in this business, gotta fake it til ya make or break ya way up in it/
See I made some gimmicks, and I'm not proud.. Of it/
But I learned from it/
Cuz when you not bein you 100, ppl either gonna see it, or catch word of it/ heard of it?
Nah, cuz Ive made a lot of growth/
Made a lot of dope shit and gave a lot of hope/
And I made a lot known, and Im a living testimonial that when you make it from the soul man it shows/
lord knows where am I at, so its fine/
As well as the real that identify wit they own kind/
Some ppl so blind/
But I'm given em brail/
I'm living these bars, like I'm living in jail/
Like a prison, no bail/
Like a criminal in a cell, wish me well wit No conjugal visit and limited mail/
That was a long winded stretch tho, yoga/
I'm just tryin to flex no bo but/
I just want that success oder/
Blow and make whole sh- rek oga/
A lot of ppl claiming that they Money talks, but they green talk backwards, Yoda/
Kicked my illest verse to a deaf man/
Spit my negative shit to a yes man/
tried to spit some equality for a greater cause but they told me I was less than/

Gotta finish if I started it/
Gotta own it all if I'm part of it/
I'm trying to ask myself a question, but I'm running from the thought of it/
Will I fail?/
I dont know but I'm running from the thought of it

(verse 2)
in my fear, in the heart of it,
cuz I'm feeling like I been talking on what I oughta get/
when it's shit I should have had from the start of it/
But I would never barter this, I do it for the art of it/
but sometimes I'm feeling lost on a island/
As if I was jet crash surviving/
But this is no TV series, I'm just puttin shit together like hyphen/
Cuz I know the big payoff is coming
Its probably just a day off or something/
I mean...I aint come this whole way all for nothing/
I want that genocide type of Adolf destruction/
But I know some ppl doubting on the sneak/
Frownin on my dreams and counting on my defeat/
And my ppl prolly prouder than I think/
But i bet they still wish I'd settle down, get a ring/

And Im tryin to stay faithful for me so/
One day I'll be in that tuxedo/
But these bitches like Debo/
 they cross the line And wanna drop to they knees like Tebow/
Theres no Tivo in life and I know that/
You cant fuck it up twice and try to go back/
Thats why Im tryin to do it right in one life/
Cuz Regrets are like unreachable debts that you owe back/
Now the plot really thicken/
Cuz my stock really risen, and my clock really tickin/
Look at the crystal ball is the top in vision?
If it's not, should I stop? If I'm not in the winning?
Yeah its tough keepin it in perspective/
When that lime light is where we wanna be projected/
But that fame shit it could be subjective/
Cuz it's hype based, and media directed/
But that's the quote of a man who never rose/
Or maybe it was the plan he never chose/
Its kinda Like the old head who says if he aint blow out his knee, he had a chance at the pros/
Man I know it too well, and I refuse to/
Not win, if it's something I shouldn't lose to/
But if I do, just keep it real/
But just please tell me I didnt fail/

Will I, Fail?
I don't know, but I'm running from the thought of it
Track Name: Destruction
I'm killin em off one day at a time/
I'm takin the world, I'm taking whats yours and I'm making it mine/
I've waited in line, I've waited my time/
and now its belated, look what you created
I'm making you hate it/
I raise the decline, ya fate is demise/
now its all bad, what's really good?/
The cards I was dealt, weren't felt so I had to shuffle like Icky Woods/
now if he could, go the easy route to get control of the people/
then he would, he wouldn't be evil, but power don't equal peaceful,
so you leave me no choice, no reason to voice, your voice of reason/
I'm deaf and I'm blind to rationale, I'm leaving emcees in pieces/
peace is not the answer that's what history will teaches/
war repeats itself and ceases, re releases, like a retro/
you gassed up, I'm chopping ya limbs off for the petro/
sell em for dough, then letting em go, welcome to highway klepto/
The rest know, I'll ingest them and wash em down with the pepto/
The forecast is looking kinda dismal/

Black skies, bad moon is rising/
Destruction is on the way/
Open your eyes trouble's on the horizon,
This might mean judgment day/
so everybody
run and get down/
run and get down/
coming to hunt ya down/
run and get down
the end is coming around/
so where you gonna run to now?

I got the whole globe inside of my hands/
I'm taking control, and I'm making it known that I have the plans/
and I have the power to rise and devour/
and shower you cowards wit massacre
head high in the valor, defining my rhymin calibur by the mayan calender/
It's all gonna end, as soon as I say so/
I'll shift this shit, and make an Alaska winter a summer in Wako/
I'll rain snow, and come in wit thunder and summon a funnel tornado/
move plates, and create quakes in a place they dont have a place for,
the words in my verses/
serve as green house gasses that just heat up the earth's surface/
perfect spit disasters at ya/
play with the fire and find out the heat it delivers/
It Burns... when you close enough to be Smithers/
get blown to smithereens, in the middle east by vicious machines,
that come at you quicker than fists in a ring that come from that guy from the Phillipines /
you feelin me? riddle me this how could you possibly stop this, or try to resist/
when the forecast reads apocolypse


'm wiping em off the face of the planet
Any man that gon stand in my way, im makin em vanish/
Im raisin the panic
Im taking advantage of ways i can damage/
You say I'm satanic, you aint understand it/
I slay em like I was the face of the threats that America's facing damnit/
Its effortless now, the coming is running its coarse/
No point in coming with force/ and running my jaws, and wasting my lungs, until all my chords are becoming hoarse/what for/
I really aint gotta do nothin/
These sittin turkeys blown to stuffin, when Lou hit the button record/
No need to kill you wit my flow and shit/
I'll understock some overpriced hype and watch you kill each other over it/
The shit I spit is a chip inside the phone you grip/
That locates where you roam, and live, and get ya home blown to bits/
You walking a crooked path/
No looking back/ no catch or hoook attached/ its looking bad/ everybody's tooken back/
When they realize they stuck/
The weatherman says that everybody's fucked/