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Hammer Dance (feat. Tef Wesley x Praverb)

by Cane

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Cane: (Verse 1)

Cane is the name boy, fuck my government/
Cuz he aint get me what I got or what I'm gonna get/
And I can taste it I swear I'm right in front of it/
Feelin cocky but I'm grounded like a punishment/
Pop a ton of shit, for the fun of it, lovin it, so call me what you want
If I'm a bitch, you the son of it
In the game we in, I'm kinda Wilt Chamberlain/
got a lot of offspring and I aint really claiming em/
I aint really naming em/
and if they sleepin, they must had they shoes still on the way I'm shaming em/
I'm straight slayin em, so why they still hype?
why They try and lift bars they aint built like
meet real life/
soft cats try to harden, and find out what world peace feel like/
polar opposite/
flow go lobotomy/
I ont know it gets the people going, so provocative
My role's rocking it/
the goal's show stoppin it/
Punch lines chillin on the beat,
cold cocking it/
so positive, the work that I be doin/
Gonna get me to the spot that I'm persuin/
I kick the truth to em, watch em burn into ruins and keep it movin/
I'm a shoo in,you couldnt get your shoe in/
you a fan
you'd be better off a dead stan/
I'm getting closer to the top, so call me Lebrons headband/


released May 18, 2012



all rights reserved


Cane Fredericksburg, Virginia

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