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Light Work

by Cane

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Celebrating J. Dilla's birthday on February 7, 2013 I decided to pay homage by flowing over one of the legendary beats, "Lightworks". Wrote the rhyme in a few minutes and recorded it myself...straight Light Work. R.I.P J. Dilla!


Light work might sound hot and heavy/
Servin donuts the light's on hot an ready/
I'm in the game til they drop confetti/
Or they take me out this mufucka Makaveli/
Me and hip hop been rockin steady/
Kinda Like the greek spot and baklava watchin soccer on the telly/
We go hand in hand/
Thats why I'm gettin dap for it every land I Iand/
Damnit fam, you dont stand a chance you a stan a fan/
Go create a blog dog call yaself a camera man/
Take another paper route/
Maybe waiter cuz When I buss boy
My delivery will take em out/
The greatest out, without a major label/ undebatable, I'm slayin I'm the fatal half of cane and able/
Made a name for myself now I watch it grow/
Leprechaun beard, eyes on the pot of gold/
i gotta know that its in me to blow/
If I play my cards right like Remy LeBeau/
Cinema flow, you can send my 16s to sundance/
Bars built for the Big screen at one glance/
See em when I spit em human teleprompter/
Human centipede, shittin on my comp dont upset a monster/
Hella contra this is cheat code music/
I repo that weak flow like debo do it/
This is beast mode flyer than a sea-hawk/
Futuristic flow catch me fightin wit the ewoks/
You gon need 3 spocks and a William shatner after detox, if you tryin to stop this star's trek/
The bars set, higher than you biddin/
Nowadays everybody tryin to fit in/
Lil homie you forgettin/
I put a Child lock on the game so my sons cant get in/


released February 8, 2013



all rights reserved


Cane Fredericksburg, Virginia

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